My Surgeon Talks to Angels: A Journey from Science to Faith eBook

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In her 20-year career as a specialist surgeon, Dr V has been guided by her angelic helpers to heal an estimated 20,000 patients across the globe.

She has worked in Belgium, France, South Africa, Cameroon, Namibia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Get in touch with Dr V! I liked her ability to assist with my life purpose.  She is a true holistic practitioner. Gerry


We are entering an exciting new age, where human beings are beginning to see themselves as the gatekeepers of their own health and vitality. Veerle is on a mission to empower patients and teach them how to take the key to their wellbeing back.

Whilst a student with Doreen Virtue in 2014, in Maui, she felt a strong calling to write a book about her personal encounters with angels, as a surgeon and as a patient. Many will be comforted by her message: that they are never alone, in sickness and in health their angels are always by their side.

This book comes at a time when patients are searching for a way to regain their power in their own wellbeing and healthcare. This book shows them they hold the power to their own healing and that the solution is not always in scientific medicine.

My Surgeon Talks to Angels: A Journey from Science to Faith eBook


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