Yag Pheripheral Iridotomy

YAG Laser

What is Yag laser iridotomy?

This is a laser surgery used for people with narrow angle glaucoma. The laser is used to make a small hole in the Iris (colored part of the eye). The laser born should let more fluid leak out through the drain in the high for the more it will hopefully prevent scar formation between the Iris and the cornea which can lead to progression of the glaucoma. 

There are some individuals who respond well today and others who do not respond at all to the surgery your response is determined by the type of narrow angle glaucoma you have and the basic makeup of your eye the procedure can be done in one or two trips of the litter area the laser machine looks similar to the examination microscope that the doctor uses to look at your eyes at every visit the laser itself makes little noise and flashing the lights are both as bright as a flash on a camera. 





long term care of laser iridectomy

1.If the laser is successful and the risk of pressure rise is low you will be discharged to your optician for yearly monitoring. 

2. If you have chronic glaucoma on treatment with drugs or high-risk of their coma then you will need to continue with your drops and will be followed up in the hospital.

3. If you have a sudden painful red eye, loss or blurring of vision nausea, vomiting, headache. Please see an urgent opinion with the emergency eye clinic.


symptoms of angle closure glaucoma

Typical Symptoms of angle closure glaucoma?

  1. Headache or eye pain
  2. blurred vision 
  3. Haloes around lights 
  4. Red Eye 
  5. Nausea and vomiting 

    The Risks of Yag Peripheral Iridotomy

    This is an emergency and high pressure should be released within as otherwise there might be permanent vision loss. 

    Not everyone with angle closure glaucoma will experience and attack. Sometimes the disease develops slowly and there are no obvious symptoms. Through examination Dr. Veerle Van Tricht may recognize your risk for angle closure glaucoma before you experience any symptoms. Are there any over-the- counter medications that can trigger an attack of angle closure glaucoma? 

    Medications that can partially dilate the pupil such as over the counter cold medications and antihistamines, can trigger an angle closure attack and should be avoided until after the laser procedure is performed.

    yag peripheral iridotomy

    what to expect after the surgery


    You will need to use drugs after the laser to help the eye heal correctly. You will probably use the new drops for about one week. In most cases you have to continue your other glaucoma medications after the laser procedure. Dr. V will notify you if there is any exception to continue your medications.

    Further Information

    Always consult your health care provider before deciding to know which one applies to your situation.


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