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What are skin tags?

skin tags acrochordons are small non-cancerous growths that tend to be the same color as your skin’s. Skin tags are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin. Collagen is a type of protein found throughout the body. The whole phone looks like a cluster of skin tissue extending out of a tiny stem; they are sometimes better and may resemble a raised mole. Most skin tags are between 1 to 5 mm but some can grow as large as a few centimeters. 

At Dr. Veerle Van Tricht Integrative Ophthalmologist,we provide our patients with safe and effective skin tag removals treatments. Do not risk an ineffective or dangerous home removal seek help from our professional team.



skin tags treatment

Skin tags removal used clean surgical scissors or a surgical scalpel. These methods require prepping the area to avoid infection. The area is first cleaned and then a mild anesthetic may be applied. Dr. Veerle will ensure the cut is not too deep and does not cause excessive bleeding. A liquid nitrogen freezing treatment is effective for removing skin tags by freezing and killing the skin cells in the growth and allowing the skin tag to fall off over time. Dr. Veerle may also recommend burning the skin tag with an electrical current to remove the skin tag.

how do skin tags affect your body?

skin tags do not affect your health but they can be unsightly if they are in areas like your face and neck they can make you self-conscious. 

    The Risks of Skin Tags Removal are Minimal

    Dr V has been performing these procedures for 25 years without any serious complications.

     She adopts several methods to remove skin tags at her clinic and these at the end comes with some benefits on her patients:

    • Reduced risk of irritation
    • Improved vision and blinking with eyelid skin tag removal
    • Professional evaluation to identify the underlying cause of skin tags


    skin tags removal

    how long will removing the skin Tags take?

    Skin tag removal is quick, taking less than 15 minutes to perform in many instances. Freezing and burning skin tag removals will not leave any scars and can be quickly performed without bleeding. The burned skin tag dries out and falls off promptly, but the frozen skin tag may take up to two weeks to fall off. Cutting the skin tag with surgical scissors or a scalpel may cause bleeding, but doctors can generally minimize bleeding so it only lasts minutes and perform the procedure safely and cleanly.


    Further Information

    Always consult your health care provider before deciding to know which one applies to your situation.


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