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Keeping every aspect of your eye healthy with medical retina surgery…

The Retina is the area at the back of your eye, this part of the eye has a light-sensitive thin layer of tissue that can cause visual problems and impair your daily life.

This part of the eye is vitally important for your sight as it contains nerve cells that receive and manage visual information, before transferring this data through your optic nerve to your brain making it possible for you to see.

Sometimes you may suffer from retinal disorders which are conditions at the back of the eye, and are often inherited. However, some can be caused by effects of medications or infections. 

Treatments are available for these diseases many are offered here at the surgery, and we understand how important it can be for you to be treated immediately before further damage occurs. It is incredibly important these conditions are treated as they can cause severe damage to your vision or in worst case scenario blindness if left untreated.

Some symptoms to be aware of…

– Floating specks or cobwebs in your sight

– Distorted vision or blurry sight

– Abnormalities in your side vision

– Complete loss of vision

If you are concerned about possible retina complications call Dr Veerle Van Tricht today for a consultation.

No matter what the reason we are here to improve your overall health, and ensure you live your best life. Through consultations Dr Veerle Van Tricht will work with you to establish your current needs and assist you with finding the right treatment to improve your eyesight.

There are many common conditions that can occur in your retina here are a few examples…

– (AMD) Age-related Macular Degeneration

– Diabetic Retinopathy

– Retinal Blood Vessel Blockages

– Trauma including foreign bodies

– Macular Translocation

– Retinal Detachment (Medical Emergency)

– Retinoblastoma (Common in young children)

Dr Veerle Van Tricht offers specialist medical retina eye surgery with advanced procedures and high quality medical treatments. 

At the clinic there are a number of treatments Dr Veerle Van Tricht can offer including; diabetic eye consultations, Macula clinics and Wet ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration).

For further information on specific treatment plans book a consultation with the ophthalmologist and begin your journey today.


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