Preventing loss or further damage to your eyesight consider Glaucoma surgery…

If you have suffered from too much pressure in your eye you may suffer from Glaucoma and may require Glaucoma surgery. Glaucoma is a condition with causes damage to your optic nerve (a nerve that connects your eye to the brain), which can effect information reaching your brain which results in damage to your vision.

This condition occurs when fluid builds up in your eye and unfortunately isn’t able to drain away correctly, causing a build up and pressure in the eye. The condition is difficult to detect which means people can be suffering from it for a long time without even realising it.

Some typical causes of Glaucoma include…

– An eye injury

– Use of steroid eye drops over a long period

– Inflammation in the eye

– Problems as you grow for example as a baby, issues may arise during development

Unfortunately any damage caused by Glaucoma is considered permanent and is not yet reversible. However, Dr Veerle Van Tricht strives to work with you to save your sight and improve your everyday life.

It is unfortunately the most common cause of sightloss worldwide, and can affect people of any age from early childhood through to 70 years+.

Surgery is not usually the first stage to treating the condition, however can be an important step to ensuring you don’t loose complete eyesight.

The most common type of Glaucoma surgery is know as Trabeculectomy (involves a small incision in your eye), the surgery is carried out either under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic depending on your circumstances.

Other types of Glaucoma Surgery include…

– Viscocanalostomy (Part of the sclera is removed to help drain fluid)

– Deep Sclerectomy (Expansion of the eyes drainage tubes)

– Trabecular Stent Bypass (Placing a tiny tube to help drainage)

Call Dr Veerle Van Tricht today to book a consultation to discuss your options and don’t risk any more potential damage to your eyesight.

Things to consider…

– Post-Surgery your eye may be watery and have some redness

– Your vision may be blurred for up to 6 weeks after surgery

– Depending on circumstances you may be advised to avoid activities such as driving post-surgery

At our private clinic you can expect regular check-ups with Dr Veerle Van Tricht to ensure you can resume your daily activities in great health.

Rest easy during your Glaucoma treatment knowing Dr Veerle Van Tricht works carefully and professionally on your optic nerves. Using advanced technical equipment to ensure you do not suffer any further damage to your eye, preserving your eyesight improving your everyday experiences.


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