Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery, begin your journey to clearer eyesight today…

A Cataract can cause many problems in everyday life, a mist or cloud covering the lens of your eye will limit everyday tasks and make simple activities difficult.

A Cataract is commonly known in later life, however can occur if you suffer from diabetes, due to trauma or because of other genetic problems.

Cataract surgery is the most common operation performed in the United kingdom.

A Cataract is a simple problem where by the lens in your eye becomes cloudy and needs a straightforward operation to correct.

You may consider improving your eyesight using eye wear or other visual aids, however unfortunately as time passes you may be troubled by limited eyesight due to your cataracts. This is where Dr Veerle Van Tricht can step in and help improve your sight and ensure you live a happy and clearer life.

If you struggle with daily tasks such as reading or driving you may begin to think about a more advanced approach. Using our well equipped centre, professional doctor and well though

t out treatment plan, you could be on your way to better sight before you know it.

A highly skilled ophthalmologist using advanced technology and a personal approach to help you feel at ease. Surgery may seem like a scary word, but with our care and attention to detail you will soon feel comfortable and ready to improve your eyesight.

With our specialist professional process you will be guided through your surgery with regular consultations, follow-up appointments and outstanding support.

In each consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about the operation and Dr Veerle Van Tricht will discuss all areas of the process with you including; the risks and benefits, possibilities of needing glasses post surgery and much more.

After Consultation, if you choose to go ahead with cataract extraction and lens implantation, Measurements and Private Eye Surgery will be performed in St Joseph’s Private Hospital, Newport

Private Consultations for Any Eye Disorder including excision of skin lesions and incision and drainage of cysts in and around the eyelids.

Private YAG laser treatment:
–  YAG laser Iridotomy for narrow angles, glaucoma prevention
–  YAG laser capsule Tony to remove secondary cataract causing blurry vision after cataract surgery

What to expect with your consultations…

– Personalised support tailed to you

– A variety of tests and scans to ensure accurate results

– Discussions surrounding your daily life and benefits of improving this through cataract surgery

Taking as little as 30-45 minutes you will be out of surgery within no time at all… recovery taking on average 4 – 6 weeks you can also be back to reading your favourite book in just a few months!

You may also want to know…

– Cataract surgery is often performed under local anaesthetic

– The operation usually only requires a very small incision with low risk

– If you require surgery in both eyes these are usually completed 6 – 12 weeks apart

– You will need to bring a friend or relative to your surgery for support and to ensure you travel safely after the operation

You can find out lots of further information about cataract surgery by calling today…

Ready for your first consultation? Don’t hesitate, improve your life now…

Don’t allow your cataracts limit your daily life, enjoy; driving, watching your favourite movie and other activities by booking an appointment with us today!


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