My Story

Dr Veerle Van Tricht was born on 4 March 1968 in the small town of Heist Op Den Berg in Flanders (Belgium). She became a Medical Doctor at the University of Louvain in 1993 and an Ophthalmologist in 1997.

Dr V worked as a volunteer for Doctors without Borders and other organisations, in Africa, doing cataract surgery between 1993 and 2001. She worked as a Vitreoretinal consultant in one of the biggest university hospitals, in Pretoria, South Africa.

Dr V is a talented public speaker, in several languages, including English, Dutch and French. She has taught medical students and registrars and spoke at numerous conferences all over the world.

As well as owning successful private practises in Bruges, Belgium and Hervey Bay, Australia between 2001 and 2014 she has also been a Reiki Master since 2005 and studied many alternative forms of healing including:

Life Coaching at the Life Coaching Institute in Melbourne,

Certified Angel Therapy( with Doreen Virtue in Maui 2014),

Intuitive Life coaching with Christie Marie Sheldon.

And Dr V is a certified Journey Practitioner( trained by Brandon Bays herself).

She also published 2 books, one of which is an International Bestseller:

Success Starts Today

Since 2015 Dr. V has worked as a consultant ophthalmologist all over the UK.

Together with her three children, three cats and a golden retriever she has settled in Brampton, Cumbria and opened a private Laser Clinic in order to help the local community who might be on a long waiting list for:

  1. Posterior capsulotomy to clean the new lens after cataract surgery.
  2. Peripheral iridotomies to treat narrow angles and raised pressure in the eyes.
  3. Incision and drainage of styles and chalazion.
  4. Blepharitis Prevention Program.
  5. Excision of skin tags and other lesions under local anesthetic.

Mission & Vision

To improve the health of client’s eyes daily, ensuring everyone enjoys their daily life without a struggle for sight.




Dr Veerle Van Tricht works hard everyday with all of her clients to ensure the health of their eyes, helping them to better understand their conditions and improve their daily routine. 


Private expert service for all Dr Veerle Van Tricht’s clients. Including personalised treatment plan to suit their needs.

Regular consultations and check-ups to ensure clients are in good health and improving daily.

Keeping up to date with the latest technology and equipment to better aid in surgery and help more people in need. 



Professional High Quality Standards


Expert Advice and Guidence


Personalised Service


Advanced Training and Specialism


5 Garth Gardens

Greenfield Lane
Brampton CA8 1AE
Cumbria ,U.K.

Monday - Friday

8am - 5pm


10am - 4pm

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